MammaBear will be perfoming at Boggs Social Club in ATL. on Thursday Feb 17th.  

MammaBear's latest album "Free Radical" is set for release in spring of 2022. Prepare yourself. 

MammaBear's Do it Again, directed by Dylan Greenburg and starring HEXX is dope, get on it.  

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Management: Kit Carson


"To describe Atlanta psych-rock group, MammBear, with one word: Wild. A MammaBear show is an intense ride from start to finish, unlike anything most millennial music fans have ever experienced." -AudioFemme 


"MammaBear is full of catchy hooks, urgent post-punk feels, and intelligent lyrics."

-Ghost Cult Magazine


"It's trippy, discombobulating and soothing, all at the same time." -What Youth 


"There's the grinding dirge of industrial music, the indie haze of The Walkmen, and the circular structure of Pixies."-The Line of Best Fit 


"MammaBear comes from Atlanta, Georgia, but their rainbow roots rock sounds like it has arrived from another dimension where 1996 London has been swapped with Athens, GA." -CMJ